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Loyal. Organized. Detail oriented.
Lover of all things timeless + Classic.


When I was a kid, my parents called me an old soul because I was more interested in books than Barbies.  I loved the way that history was captured through glossy photos and perfectly typed text, and felt deeply the emotions of the characters in my novels. When I picked up my camera at age 16, I carried with me this same passion for historical documentation and capturing emotion through photographs.

As a wedding photographer and wife, I know that each love story is unique and exists for a special purpose. I believe that every marriage deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest, documented tastefully and timelessly, and preserved so that years from now, you can relive your love story. 

Nothing energizes me more than learning the intricacies of someone else's story. It amazes me that no two love stories are the same, and I strive to showcase and celebrate the originality of every client that I work with.  It is an honor to be trusted to document and preserve legacies for a living, and sometimes I still pinch myself to make sure it's real! If you're looking for an organized, down to earth, intentional wedding photographer, then look no further - I'm your girl.

    taylor ingles


Taylor Ingles

you love a good black and white photo

you know that no matter what happens, your wedding day will be amazing because you're marrying your best friend!

you can't wait to hit the dance floor with your closest family and friends

family heirlooms and historic churches make your heart sing

your wedding style is timeless, classic, and modern

you are a 

couple if...

Your dream photographer knows how to make photos fun & efficient, even with large bridal parties & big families

from past clients

"It's true that you spend your entire wedding day with your spouse, bridal party and photographer.
On that day, you want to be working with Taylor! Gorgeous photos, great person."

lauren & eric

st. paul, mn

my promises To You:


i will Be an artist - and a professionaL.

with custom timelines and regular phone & email check ins, you will never feel kept in the dark 



whether its a moment with your parents or first look with your spouse, you will have it your way on wedding day


i will care about your story as if it was my own.

from getting ready to the dance floor, each moment of your day matters & deserves to be captured